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Updated: Mar 4, 2023

A little bit of an introduction. Nice to meet you.

I love to meet new people, although I rarely remember a person’s name 5 minutes after the first time I meet them.

I thrive being a “giver,” although I am horrifically inept at coming up with creative and thoughtful gifts that would be worthy of a #grateful instagram post.

I pride myself in having the ability to connect with just about anyone, despite fighting an almost constant internal battle to avoid social interaction.

Lots of contradiction there, eh? It’s confusing to me, too, but I’m trying to figure it all out. Most of my adult life has been spent finding myself, wondering who I am, deciding what I do and do not like. My late teens and early 20’s were sort of an ongoing identity crisis: trying to be like the beautiful people who’d begun appearing on social media and trying to fit in. As I approach 40, I’m finding more confidence behind the decisions that I make and also a mild rush of time sensitivity when I think about my bucket list items. Now, I don’t officially have a bucket list - just a bunch of random things that I think about that I “really want to do.” Like write. I “really want to write.”

When I was living in the college dorms at Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts, sometime around 2004, I spent a lot of time sitting on the concrete stoop smoking cigarettes rain or shine. People who have not been smokers may not realize, but this affords one great opportunity to meet lots of people as they made their way in and out of the building and it also provides plenty of time to brainstorm BIG thoughts. One such day, I decided I’d create a website - such an interesting website. And I’d call myself the Directress. More on that later. For reasons unbeknownst to me a few years ago, I remembered this dream of mine and typed into my search bar. Nothing. I proceeded to google “how to create a website.” I purchased the domain on a whim and made an account so that I could make a website of my own and here we are! I’ve done absolutely nothing with the site until right now. Buckle up.

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